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7th September 2014

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"All I did — what I did was — was release the videotape to you, because I had to," Jackson told reporters on Aug. 15 when asked why he released the robbery footage. "I’d been sitting on it, but I — too many people put in a [Freedom of Information Act] request for that thing, and I had to release that tape to you."

Writing for The Blot, Matthew Keys reports that the police department did not receive any specific requests for the videotape.

"A review of open records requests sent to the Ferguson Police Department found that no news organization, reporter or individual specifically sought the release of the surveillance tape before police distributed it on Aug. 15," Keys writes.

Journalist Andrew Perez also said that he has tried to get the documents to show who sent FOIA requests for the recording.

"I requested all requests for the videotape too, and they produced a ton of docs but no requests for the tape," Perez tweeted.

Perez also tweeted that, when asked, Ferguson Police spokesperson Tim Zoll couldn’t think of any specific requests for the tape.

Your daily reminder the Ferguson Police Department participated in a large-scale conspiracy to slander and demonize Michael Brown, while protecting his murderer, fellow officer Darren Wilson. How and why anyone could still be defending these armed thugs is beyond me. #staywoke #farfromover 

I knew there was never a FOIA request, because the media that had put in the request would have immediately validated the chief’s claim to get some form of breaking news value out of him allegedly releasing it before those media outlets did. No media outlets doing so meant no FOIA requests. Now it’s been proven.

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5th September 2014

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Guardians of the Galaxy was such a fantastic movie!”


"There were a lot of issues with GotG that should be addressed and Marvel should work on improving with future movies."


Damn, that was my entire review in a 2-gif set.

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4th September 2014

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Frank Frazetta Paintings

1. John Carter and the Savage Apes of Mars (1970)
2. Thuvia, Maid of Mars (1971)
3. A Princess of Mars (1970)
4. Swords of Mars (1966)
5. A Fighting Man of Mars (1973)

The definition of my puberty, in six images.

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27th August 2014

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Holy shit.
If that doesn’t put the finest point on it you’ve ever seen/heard, I don’t know what does.


Holy shit.

If that doesn’t put the finest point on it you’ve ever seen/heard, I don’t know what does.

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24th August 2014

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this video is so well done it deserves an oscar


oh my god the lipsync on this is so good

The editing and reactions are perfect


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22nd August 2014

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Generally I don’t nerd out actively as much here regarding updates to favorite tabletop games, but next week has me pretty stoked.  Paizo is releasing the Advanced Class Guide for their Pathfinder Roleplaying Game tabletop, and it’s got me pretty excited for a number of reasons—

1) New classes— Yep.  Ten new classes, each utilizing a set of skills inspired by the previous core classes, now available to play and expand on character creation of the popular tabletop RPG.  From the charismatic swashbuckler to the zealous warpriest, it’s ten classes (each with their own set of archetype builds) of all new fun with friends.

2) New iconics— One of the things I loved about Pathfinder is how each player class in their game is an iconic character existing in the universe’s continuity.  Each character is fleshed out with their own back story and why they took up the adventurer’s call.  The Advanced Class Guide adds ten new faces into the Pathfinder universe, each ready to carve their own path of destiny.

3) This one is just a personal quirk of mine, but I like the even male:female ratio of the genders of this new batch of iconics coming to the Pathfinder universe.  Especially towards the ladies, who have some well-written back stories that will assuredly put them on the path of strong female characters.  Visually they look spectacular too— none of them seem to hit the stereotypical “fantasy female sexy wardrobe” one would expect.  These ladies come pretty much clad head to toe in full armor, ready for a fight.  It’s beautiful.  c:

The Advanced Class Guide hits shelves next week… so glad I put in my pre-order.  I’m stoked~

You know I am not a fan of ridiculous high fantasy over-sized weapons and armor, but these are just a bit outside the realm of the possible, and the designs are so freakin’ incredible.

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21st August 2014

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"Looting? I thought these were supposed to be nonviolent protests"

I know it’s incredible! People are literally coming out of the woodwork to comment on this photoset to focus on the looting headline with “well yes it is nice they were helping people hit with the tear gas, but stealing is still wrong uwu” as if they’re back to kindergarten morality.

Like everyone who’s gone to boot camp I’ve been tear gassed. They put about 50+ of you in a gas chamber and toss it in. You have to stay there until your rank is allowed to exit. Before that though, you have to say your name, rank, and social security number. You then exit and file into ranks (again) outside and are not allowed at any point to rinse your face or eyes for the entire day.

That right there? Easily the worst part of boot camp. My eyes were literally swollen shut. I was blinded for a good 30 minutes and my chest hurt for days.

I have zero problem and not and ounce of judgement for people raiding a mcdonalds that can easily afford to repair damage for ANYTHING to help ease the shittiness that is being tear gassed. Esp because every one of us in boot were medically sound to deal with tear gas. Children, asthmatics, people prone to panic and anxiety attacks, the elderly as sooo many more are NOT going to handle tear gas well at ALL.

Or that smoke the police use either.

It’s easy to sit there and judge someone from the safety of your home and say things like “it’s just tear gas” or “it can’t be that bad”.

Fuck you. As someone who HAS been gassed, you need to stfu.

I remember all the preparation they did to get us ready for the gas chamber in boot camp. We were taught how to handle ourselves, how to control our breathing, not to touch anything, how to avoid the worst of the gas. But it still didn’t matter. I remember taking in that first breath and feeling like I had just been kicked in the chest. I remember a few guys in my platoon falling down and vomiting. We knew the gas wasn’t as bad on the floor but we were the fifth platoon through and the vomit kept us from bending over more than absolutely necessary. I remember a few guys, guys in peak health training to be infantrymen, breaking ranks and running for the door only to be dragged back in kicking and screaming until they said name, rank and serial. They were expecting it, trained for it, bragging about how it wouldn’t bother them.
I remember standing there with all of the mucus from my nasal cavity on the front of my ACUs and thinking to myself “This is the nonviolent option?”
Covered head to toe and my skin still itching I looked down at the silver wedding band hanging next to my dog tags and realized that the gas had eaten little pits into its surface.
I stood there and thought of all the news reports I had seen over the years. The uprisings and revolutionaries being gassed, the crowds running from men in masks.
That’s the moment I got it, staring at my ruined wedding band, that’s the moment I realized terrorism isn’t about bombs or who is using them. It’s about controlling people through fear. It’s about removing their ability to act reasonably, to make them seem like the monsters. Terrorism is about triggering people to fight or flight then blaming them for not being rational. It’s about power. Remove someone’s power to act with reason, and you remove their humanity.

Spot on. 

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18th August 2014

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This is just a minute or so of one of the most brilliant 15 minutes about Ferguson done on TV so far. Watch the whole thing on YouTube and stay to the end, when he drops the logic bomb.

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18th August 2014

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Mike Brown’s killer Darren Wilson “explaining” “what really happened” - he just deactivated his facebook so I can no longer post what he’s up to, but just wanted to show everyone the absolute bullshit lies being told

Let’s keep in mind this article from the Wall Street Journal:

Local police released new details in sometimes chaotic fashion Friday about the shooting death of an unarmed African-American teenager, which sowed more mistrust in a community already lacking faith in law-enforcement efforts. Early Friday, Ferguson police identified Darren Wilson as the officer who shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown in an incident that has sparked a week of unrest in this St. Louis suburb as well as protests in cities across the country.Chief Thomas Jackson also released documents and surveillance video, alleging that Mr. Brown was tied to a robbery at a convenience store shortly before he crossed paths with police. Hours later, Mr. Jackson held another news conference in which he said Mr. Wilson, who is white, wasn’t aware of the robbery when he stopped Mr. Brown.
  1. Lack of the alleged robbery being called in on the 911 tapes…
  2. Time stamp on video of alleged robbery doesn’t match …hmmm…okay
  3. Police report is time stamped BEFORE the alleged Mike Brown on that tape even left the store
  4. Wilson’s own previous admittance that he didn’t know about the robbery at the time of the murder
  5. MULTIPLE eyewitness accounts detailing the events of the murder…all of which said that Micheal Brown was RUNNING AWAY from Wilson until he was shot in the back, turned around, dropped to his knees with his hands raised, and yelled something to the effect of “Don’t shoot! I don’t have a gun!” before he was shot in the head and multiple times after that…while on his knees…with his hands in the air….
  6. Fuck outta here, you spineless bitch

Didn’t I tell y’all they’re going to try and say he was on drugs or some shit to make him have “superhuman strength” and belligerent?! Didn’t I say that shit?! 

^^^ Them claiming he was under the influence of drugs is a given. It’s the only way they could even try to justify the murder.

"Michael taunts and yells ‘What are you gonna do about it’ stuff like that”. What the fuck is “stuff like that”? You mean to tell me this boy was running full speed toward a cop with a gun pointed directly at him?? How long did it take this cracker to concoct this bullshit ass story?? It could have at least made a little more sense.

I’m not trusting any toxicology or autopsy report they release at this point. Ain’t no telling what they did to his body once they opted to transport it in an unmarked SUV versus an ambulance.

7 days….it took him 7 days to concoct that bullshit ass story, twin. And let’s not forget that aside from the fact that his ass was in a fucking vehicle and should have immediately radioed for help as soon as that gun went off, officers have other items on them to include pepper spray, batons, tasers, etc….you go straight for the gun, though? On an unarmed child? You go…straight…for…the…gun…

And yeah, I called all that. The M.E. or medic is supposed to transport the body. NOT the PD, especially when it’s a cop shooting. On everything he’d better get tried and convicted of murder….


lyin ass

Autopsy reports prove that Michael Brown was on the ground or kneeling when he was shot in the head

I bet dollars to donuts this was a fake account. No way the PD’s lawyers would let him touch Facebook, or make any other public social media account of what happened.

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15th August 2014

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I took my little brother (who falls on the autism spectrum) to see Guardians of the Galaxy and after this scene he lit up like a Christmas tree and screamed “He’s like me! He can’t do metaphors!” And for the rest of the film my brother stared at Drax in a state of rapture. 

So for the last 6 days I have heard my brother repeatedly quote all of the Drax lines from the movie verbatim (one of his talents), begin studying vocabulary test words, and tell everyone he knows that people with autism can also be superheroes.

Now I am not saying that Drax the Destroyer is, or was ever, intended to be autistic. All I am saying is that it warmed my heart to see my brother have an opportunity to identify himself with a character known for his strength, badassness, and honor. And that is pretty damn awesome. 

So while I adored Guardians of the Galaxy as a great fun loving film with cool characters I can do nothing but thank Marvel Studios and Dave Bautista for finally bringing a superhero to the screen that my little brother can relate to.


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